Presenting our server

Calliope was opened in early 2015 and differs from other servers by the fact that:

1. It has been open for many years and even today it is one of the most played servers.
2. It is a server that offers you stability, without bugs and new updates every week so you always have something new to do.
3. We make sure your work is not in vain, as opposed to servers that close and open monthly.

The game is fully translated into the following languages:

We have an English presentation, but since we made a lot of updates then, new things you can read down bellow

To begin with, let's show how the atmosphere looks on the server.

A pvp event where you can make yang defeating players of +-10 levels. You can get a medal over your head with 1, 2 or 3 depending on how much you kill until the event it's finished. At over 90 killed players, you're awarded with coins. The event is completely automatic, and it also has time limits for those who you killed, check for not to beat yourself, life potions and mounts don't work, and when you die and get up you are always respawned at a random point from the map with fully loaded life.

An event with bosses, in which because we have many players it doesn't run in one single map, but instead in two. At this event a lot of different bosses are spawned automatically by the system. If you defeat one, another appears in the same place.

Everybody needs yang, but we have a cool solution for you. Every week for an hour in this map you can farm Tanaka Ears. If you take them to Mr.Soon you get yang for each.


We've brought some new things that will really help you in the game and which fits the server completely. Among them are:

Cave Time

With the F12 key you can see how many minutes you have to wait to re-enter the caves, and if it is available and what bonuses you need vs the cave's big boss.

Special inventory and new slot for the F5-F8 keys

By pressing the U key you can open an inventory where all stones, books and upgrade items go. On the right you can see the new slot where you can put your skills, pet, mounts and other items you can use by clicking or using the F5-F8 keys. Pressing x you will hide the slot bar, but the keys will still work, so it's very useful.

Player's damage top

From the guard in the picture you can see the top damage of players, hit and skill. It's a big competition between them to reach No.1.

Search system in stores, the so called Search Shop

We have developed this system to search in shops items from remote and you can buy them directly from this page that you can open with F11. You can select the quantity and maximum price displayed.

You can also see at what price the items in the shops are bought

Animal system and Pickup

In the game we have the animal system that can be fed and raised in the level and who can have abilities. A remarkable thing is that these animals, with the Pickup button, will automatically take the items from the ground for you.


Reborn on calliope will only reset your level, and in return you will receive a rank next to name (which can be hidden) and also you receive the bonuses in the image. Skills and missions are not reseted.

Saman like a pet

This system we developed is a shaman that can be upgraded to level 50. Its level is saved by the name of your character, so it can't be sold because it would have a level 1 for another person who did not grew a shaman. It is an amazingly useful object, because it can be called next to you anywhere, but it doesn't disadvantage a real shaman character because a real shaman will give a bigger buff.

Shop offline

It has this name because when you make a shop to sell items, you don't turn it into a shop anymore but it appears next to you and even if you are offline the shop it will remain open. From distance, anywhere, you can retire, add items, close, open another shop and change it's name.

Change CH

You can change the channel without logging out, by just pressing ESC > Change channel


You can view the player's language and kingdom. You can block him or if he/she is in your friends list, you can teleport to him

Activation of waters, dews, potions

As a solution to not always click on all, now press ctrl + v to activate them all at once.

Visibility and Scarves

You can hide your costume and scarf, and the scarf system is different and has other bonuses as you can see in the picture. Theowahdan from map1 can give you more details.

See the drop of the target

If you press the "I" button on the monster's target you will see which items it drop. In the case of the target in the picture, it does not drop anything.

There are other things like:
1. You can store your yang in a window called "Bank".
2. From the game options you can hide the shops, the pets, the mounts.
3. If you vote on our website you automatically receive coins.

A lot of new Caves, and as an example we'll show a few:

Queen Slime Cave, specially designed for beginners to enter from level 40.

The Infected Garden, for new players, but also for the big ones who have a farmer of at least lv.70.

The Roots of the Owls, a story and a special mission for players who want the best equipment.

Poseidon shows us that by defeating Hydra and helping the world calliope you will be awarded by the god with pvp bonuses that will keep for hours. A perfect dungeon to prepare yourself for a PvP.

The Zodiac Temple is implemented and rebuilt according to our own ideas that suit the calliope style. Defeat the zodiac, and with the upgrade items you can craft the new weapons and zodiac armors.

Demon Tower has a "rebuilt" version called Devil Tower2 where the King Shax must be defeated, and where you can drop the legendary Phoenix that you can fly with.

Season Events:

The Easter Event in which you Grab the Bunny Eggs
The Summer Event where you cool yourself!
Halloween event where you hunt Zombies and Ghosts!

The automatic bonus changer can be opened with F10. He will automatically buy 'change bonus item' without having to sit next to an NPC, through this solution you don't have to mess with another 100000 players, but you can choose a quite place for you wherever you want.

We have a lot of things to show, and with time we will add more content to this presentation

If you liked it and you want to play click here